7 tips to travel with Urinary Incontinence

We get it; you deserve to take a vacation and celebrate the holidays with family and friends, and this often involves a certain amount of travel, whether by car, plane or train.

Unplanned inconveniences, such as inclement weather, mechanical delays, and overbooking can be a hassle, but there’s an additional obstacle that roughly half of Americans aged 65 and older have to deal with while traveling: urinary incontinence (UI).

With that in mind, we want to share with our Community some useful tips to help you have the best time this Holidays!

When flying:

  1. Use disposable underwear with less absorbent material to avoid any inconveniences with TSA. Keep your more absorbent option handy for you to change once you've passed security checkpoints.
  2. Always reserve an aisle seat if possible. This is the most convenient option when it comes to waking up fellow passengers and asking them to move for each bathroom break.
  3. Limit liquid intake before and during air travel. Changes in cabin pressure and tight seat belts can put extra pressure on the bladder, especially if it’s full.

When Driving

  1. Map your route: identify freeway exit guides that list rest areas and plan regular stops for bathroom breaks.
  2. Watching what you eat and drink on the day of travel can also help avoid an overactive bladder or upset bowel

At your destination

  1. Be prepared with your “Plan B” bag. This includes a change of clothes, extra incontinence products, and a few plastic bags for containing soiled clothing and disposing of used products discretely.
  2. Learn how to ask, “Where is the restroom?” This is vitally important when traveling to foreign countries.  Here are a few to get you started:

French: Où sont les toilettes s’il vous plaît? 

Spanish: Perdóneme ¿Dónde está el baño? 

German: Wo ist die Toilette, bitte? 

Italian: Dov’è la toilette?

Arabic: Ayna Al Hammam?

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