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Will I smell?

No, all our Briefs and Diapers are made with our advanced anti-odor technology to keep you odor-protected and unnoticeable. 

Are they reusable?

No, our products are not reusable. We recommend whenever possible to change them after about a full bladder void. But our Maximum underwear will absorb about another full bladder void if needed, and our Ultimate underwear will absorb about 2 more full bladders, that´s 3 in total, which makes them suitable for overnight use. Once they have reached their maximum absorbency capacity they must be discarded.

Are they safe to wear all day?

We have designed and manufactured all of our underwear with the highest quality materials and they are safe to wear all day as long as they have not reached their maximum absorbency capacity. We recommend whenever possible to change them after about a full bladder void. But our Maximum underwear will absorb about another full bladder void if needed, and our Ultimate underwear will absorb about 2 more full bladders, that´s 3 in total, which makes them suitable for overnight use.

Can I go to the bathroom while using them?

Absolutely! We designed Made for Living for you to wear as you would wear regular underwear. You can pull them down when you go to the bathroom and back up when you are done, with the satisfaction that they will protect you if you need them in between trips to the bathroom.

Are they comfortable?

Yes! We have over 20 years of experience manufacturing adult disposable absorbent underwear, and we have included everything we have learned into the design of Made for Living. We have weaved over a hundred micro elastics through the fabric to conform to your body, and the softest top layer available to improve the feel in your skin. We also offer two levels of absorbency and four sizes to make sure you find the pair that is comfortable for you. Check out our reviews section for other Users’ testimonials!

How long does it last?

We recommend whenever possible to change your disposable underwear after about a full bladder void. But our Maximum underwear will absorb about another full bladder void if needed, and our Ultimate underwear will absorb the amount in about 2 more full bladders, that´s 3 in total, which makes them suitable for overnight use.

Even if dry, or under full capacity, we would recommend changing your absorbent underwear every eight hours.


How do I know which size is right for me?

Take a look at our Size Chart located in the product's listing for specific size measurements and information

What sizes are available?

We offer (4) different sizes for each one of our Briefs models. SM, L, XL and XXL.

What is the difference between Maximum and Ultimate?

The difference between both products is the level of absorption. 

Maximum can hold up to 4 cups of liquid, which can on average be just about two bladders full.

Ultimate can hold up to 6 cups of liquid, which translates to two or even three bladders full. Enough to last all night long.

Will I need to use different sizes based on the amount I leak?

You won’t need to change sizes based on your leakage. On the contrary, wearing a product that is too large for your body could decrease the effectiveness of the underwear. If you feel you need more absorbency, because of high levels of liquid discharge or the need for extended use,  we highly recommend you choose our Ultimate absorbency model.

Can I get a sample?

We currently offer no free samples, but we do offer a satisfaction guarantee: if you place your order and for any reason, you are not happy with the product, we will replace it, offer an alternative, or a refund. We hope you give us a try!


Can they be used for any type of leaks? Can they be used for bowel/fecal incontinence?

Our underwear (particularly the Ultimate Absorbency) has enough capacity and structure to hold well with both urinary as well as bowel incontinence, their fabric and elastics are strong enough to hold until one can have an opportunity to change. All our disposable underwear are of the pull-up style. The underwear are also designed so they can be torn on the sides as an alternative to going down through the legs for easy changing. However, some people, particularly those with limited mobility, feel the open style taped diaper is easier to remove with fecal incontinence. Other people in fact prefer our pull-up style because there is less possibility of leakage. It really comes down to preference.

How should I dispose of them?

Simply discard product on regular trash. If inside a home or enclosed space, change the bag once a day to avoid odors sitting in the room.

Can I exercise while wearing them?

Absolutely! Our products are Made For Living! We expect nothing less than our users living and enjoying life as they would regularly without worrying about incontinence. We have designed and manufactured all our products with a moisture-wicking layer that will keep sweat as well as any unintended leaks away from your skin.

Are they waterproof? Can I swim in them? Can I wear them in the pool/beach/lake/shower?

Our underwear is not suitable for underwater use. They are designed to definitely keep liquids in and stop leaks! but they are not waterproof from the outside in, so they will start soaking up the water around them and soon become too heavy and ineffective.

Can I use it for my period?

If using while in your menstrual cycle, just change more frequently than you would on non-menstrual days.


What makes Made For Living different than other brands?

We offer you three things:

Trust: You can count on us to iterate and innovate, so we can always bring you the best protection possible through our products.

Support: Living with incontinence can be complicated. We're here to make every day a little easier so you can live life to the fullest.

Realness: We will always be transparent and honest with you about our products and process. The world has enough fine print. We're here to tell it like it is.

What is Made For Living's mission?

Our mission is to make sure incontinence never costs you your sense of self.

Where are the products made?

We have been making quality personal care products for over 25 years in our parent company’s home factory in Ecuador. Made for Living is our newest venture right here in the US, headquartered in Miami, FL. The products are made in our own factory in Ecuador with the highest quality standards for the American consumer. We control every aspect of the manufacturing process, from the materials and components used, to the distribution here in the US. All our production machinery is custom made for us in Italy.


Is your packaging discrete?

Your discretion is essential to us, so we made sure our packages come in plain cardboard without any printing, letters or logos. The only thing on the box is the shipping label, with your and our name and address.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship internationally via USPS. The shipping cost will be automatically calculated at checkout.

What are My Payment Options?

We accept all major credit card institutions, in addition to Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal.

Can I order over the phone?

Absolutely! Our Customer Service team is available to assist over the phone or online! Simply call us at 786-627-6927 and we will assist you with placing your order.

Can I track my order?

If you placed an order through our website, you should have received two emails both containing your tracking number. One from our team directly at Made For Living, and the other from If you can’t find these communications please check your Spam or Junk folders or contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

When will I receive my order?

Most orders are shipped the next working day after they have been received. We ship all orders via UPS Ground, which can take 1-5 days to arrive depending on your location.

Can I make changes or cancel my order once it’s confirmed?

Made a mistake or changed your mind? Don’t worry, please contact us via email with your order confirmation number BEFORE you get the shipping confirmation communication. If you want to make changes to your order after it has shipped then it would be considered a return or exchange.

Do you ship outside of the U.S. Continental territory?

Unfortunately, we do not currently ship to Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, or any of the U.S. outlying islands. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
We are constantly evaluating our shipping policies and working to expand our reach to better serve our customers.


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