Are Made for Living Products Recyclable?

In addition to managing incontinence symptoms, hygiene, discretion, and protecting the environment can be a concern for many individuals, especially when discarding your used underwear and other incontinence products.

That’s because our underwear and other single-use adult diapers on the market today are not designed to be recycled. This is due to some of the materials used to make incontinence products absorbent and comfortable for users.

Additionally, since they contain human waste, disposable absorbent underwear has the potential to become a danger to public health. Therefore, there are things to consider when discarding your disposable underwear, especially when you’re away from home.

senior man holding recycling bin and full garbage bag

A senior man holding a recycling bin and a full garbage bag. Though disposable absorbent underwear is not recyclable, it should be disposed of correctly and hygienically.

How Do You Dispose of Adult Soiled Diapers?

At Made for Living, we are committed to helping those living with incontinence discover a new freedom of spirit, mind, and heart. Freedom without restraints or shame, which is why we are committed to developing the best products for incontinence.

Along with that freedom is the responsibility of properly disposing of your disposable absorbent underwear. The following are things you can do to ensure you dispose of your underwear correctly and hygienically.

  • Make sure you don’t toss your disposable underwear into the recycling bin. Single-use adult diapers are not recyclable, no matter where you live.
  • Avoid using public trash cans unless you have a disposable bag (i.e., Heaven Scent or other brands). Bringing a bag or two with you when you go out allows you to seal up your underwear and conceal any odor. These bags can also help out when you can’t immediately locate a trash can. When it’s time to change, fold your underwear up tightly, place it into your bag, tie a knot, and toss it in the nearest garbage can.
  • Use disposable absorbent underwear that you can easily change while you’re out and about. Our pullup-style underwear can be torn on the sides for easy removal and disposal during bathroom breaks.
  • Consider investing in an adult underwear disposal system for use in your home. These are tools that can be helpful for individuals living with severe or mild incontinence and ensure sanitary conditions in your home. Ensure you can operate yours with a foot pedal so that you don't have to touch your bin with your hands. Also, be sure to line the container with a plastic garbage bag preventing waste from touching the sides.
  • Flush any solid waste down the toilet. Though you may only need your underwear for liquid incontinence, if you do have a bowel movement, ridding it before tossing your pullups will reduce bacteria and odor.
  • Never flush your incontinence products down the toilet. Disposable underwear for adults contains cellulose fluff and polymers that are designed to absorb liquid. Attempting to flush your underwear can create expensive plumbing issues, including blocked pipes.

Cloth vs. Disposable Absorbent Underwear

Though our products are created from mostly biodegradable material, there are still ingredients, including superabsorbent polymer, not to mention remnants of human waste, which prevent them from being recycled.

However, some studies have shown that because of the high energy costs attributed to frequent laundering, adult disposable diapers may be more environmentally safe than cloth products.

In addition, the absorbent materials that are included in disposable underwear help keep your skin drier, preventing rashes and the need to change as often.

Disposable absorbent underwear has enabled our society to go from diapers to pullups, allowing us to travel, volunteer, dance, exercise, and live more active lives with fewer incontinence issues.

We Recycle 100% of Our Production Facility Waste

At Made for Living, we are continually striving to produce people-friendly and earth-friendly underwear. That's why we make them in a facility where we recycle 100% of our production waste ourselves.

Every pair of underwear we manufacture is also made without dyes, chlorine, or latex. To learn more about our disposable absorbent underwear, check out our product page. You can also call or use our online form to subscribe to our home delivery service.

Our subscription service gives you valuable benefits, including a welcome package, discounts, and free shipping.

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