What Are the Benefits of Getting an Incontinence Underwear Subscription?

Subscription services are retailer loyalty programs designed to reward and incentivize customers to continue using their products. With a subscription, customers automatically receive the products they need at regular intervals without needing to remember to place their order or authorize a credit card payment.

If you have chronic bowel or urinary incontinence, finding the proper protective undergarments is vital for your comfort and confidence. And once you find a product that works, you’ll want to return to it again and again. With a subscription service, your preferred incontinence underwear will be discreetly delivered right to your door.

mature woman removing contents from cardboard box

A mature woman removing contents from a cardboard box. Like this woman, you can have your incontinence underwear discreetly delivered each month through a subscription plan.

What Customers Look for in a Subscription Plan

Businesses can thrive on subscription models when consumers get long-term value from the service or product they provide. For this to occur, companies must create robust relationships with their customers by recognizing what they appreciate about their products and working to improve them continually.

Essentially, as long as you love what you’re getting and the service you’re receiving, why wouldn’t you continue paying for it? In fact, Paysafe research anticipated 27% more U.S. and global consumers planning to use subscription-based payment models in the 12 months beginning in July 2020.

By joining a loyalty subscription plan, you can benefit from the incontinence underwear products you are already buying. Some of these advantages include:

Time Savings/Discretion

If you or a loved one are going through a lot of incontinence products, an underwear subscription can save you the time it takes to run to the store and replenish supplies constantly.

It also saves you the inconvenience of making your purchase visible to everyone in the store. Having quality products delivered to your doorstep on a set schedule gives you the time and freedom to focus on other things.

Never Run Out

Then, once you're signed up, you can sit back and wait for your subscription to take care of that part of your life. You don’t have to be constantly checking how much you have left and remembering to re-stock. You just set it and forget it.


An incontinence underwear subscription is easy to manage. Purchase what you need for the coming month and adjust your quantity levels to what works for you. Flexible choices also include:

  • The convenience of choosing your delivery date
  • The option to skip an order if you're going out of town or are stocked up on supplies
  • A pay-for-what-you-use pricing model that allows you to adjust your quantity levels

From pregnant moms-to-be to active seniors, a subscription plan incorporates flexible options to meet you exactly where you are and provides value to your subscription investment.

Cost Savings

An incontinence underwear subscription gives you a straightforward way to purchase your favorite brand while saving money in the process. In addition, by buying adult diapers regularly, you can receive an incremental percentage discount.

Exclusive Deals

Many people enjoy feeling they have unique access to products or information other people don’t have. A subscription service helps foster this feeling of exclusivity by offering members the opportunity to sample new items in a relatively low-risk, low-cost setting.

An incontinence underwear subscription can be a way to jump the line on waitlists or pre-orders and sample new or bonus items as soon as they’re available.

An Opportunity to Try Before You Buy

Many subscription services offer their customers a try-before-you-buy product package. For example, Made for Living sends clients a welcome package that includes size alternatives. This allows you to test their product and find the fit that’s right for you before committing to an entire subscription.

But more importantly, you experience firsthand our company’s commitment to our products and your satisfaction.

Made for Living’s Incontinence Underwear Subscription

Our company is focused on making you our customer for life. That is why we offer a competitive subscription that will give you:

  • Great products that work
  • An excellent value
  • Complete control and flexibility
  • A reliable service for as long as you need it

We want you to rest assured that by signing up for an incontinence underwear subscription, you’ll never have too much or too little of our excellent product.

Benefits of our service include:

  • Free shipping on every order
  • A higher percentage discount when you buy more
  • No risk. You can cancel anytime
  • Auto refill, so you can "set it and forget it"
  • A welcome package with various size alternatives so that you can be sure your briefs fit you perfectly
  • Control over the quantity and frequency of your orders
  • Discretion, as our products arrive at your house in unmarked packaging

Best of all, with a subscription service, your incontinence underwear will be discreetly delivered right to your door.

If you need a product outside your subscription membership, we also offer one-time, full-price buying with free shipping.

An Incontinence Underwear Subscription Made for You

Subscription services are a convenient way to purchase the products you use all the time. They save you time, money, and the hassle of buying them in the store. So, enroll in our program, and we'll make sure you always have your most needed products when and where you want them with all the added benefits.

Because at Made for Living, our goal is to do everything necessary to earn your trust and deliver value and quality with each incontinence underwear order you place. Learn more about our soft, absorbent adult diapers by contacting us or visiting our product pages.

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