Made for Living Underwear for Adults - Our Promise to You

Maintaining a brand promise is one of the most crucial things a business can do to demonstrate how much it values its customers. That’s because a promise symbolizes everything a company is committed to.

It is the one-of-a-kind affirmation of what offers set it apart from its competition and makes it deserving of your consideration as a consumer.

At Made for Living, we are dedicated to delivering a great product that works at an excellent value for as long as you need it, with total flexibility and control. That's our forever promise to you.

senior woman making heart shape with hands

A senior woman making a heart shape with her hands. At Made for Living, we understand that we need to deliver on our promises for our customers to continue loving us.

The Importance of Keeping Our Promise

Like any company, we have to make money to keep the lights on and pay our employees. But, to do this, we need our customers to trust us and want to keep coming back. And this happens when we consistently deliver on our brand promise to you.

Trust is the key to building brand equity not only with our current customers but with prospective customers.

Yet, Gallup found that some companies aren’t doing this. They surveyed about 18 million customers and found that only about half felt the companies they used followed through on their promises.

Our company understands that if we want to reach a deeper commitment and involvement with you, we need to build your trust by making and keeping our forever promise.

Made for Living’s Forever Promise

Though we hope you won’t need us for life, we’ll be here for as long as you do. And while we’re here, Made for Living promises to offer you:

  • Quality products that work
  • The best value for your money
  • Subscription benefits with total control and flexibility.

Quality Underwear for Adults that Works

Our high-quality disposable absorbent underwear is pull-up style and is available in two absorbency levels and four sizes, small/medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large:

  • Maximum absorbency: Our Maximum absorbency underwear has less material and a covering that’s extra-soft and fits great under clothes. Because there's less material, you may need to change more often and avoid wearing them overnight.
  • Ultimate absorbency: To go longer between changes, or if you require a product that can handle more liquid overnight, you'll need more material. Our Ultimate absorbency underwear is designed with a soft cloth-like cover and additional cotton cellulose. You can also choose to wear them during the day for extra protection, but more material means you may experience bulging under your clothes.

Our disposable absorbent underwear is created with a strong backsheet, and a wraparound waistband and leg bands with 120 micro-strands of spandex fiber woven into them.

Their pull-up design allows them to be taken down like regular underwear during bathroom breaks or torn on the sides for easy disposal when soiled.

The Best Value for Your Money

Getting the best value isn’t about offering the lowest price out there; it's about giving you a premium incontinence product, a worthwhile subscription model, and excellent customer service.

For example, by choosing our premium underwear and our promise of quality, you'll wind up spending less over time than you would with lower-quality underwear. That's because you'll change less often and need to reorder less frequently.

In addition, the value you get from our high-quality products is maximized by the cost savings you receive when you sign up for our subscription. You’ll enjoy a welcome package, free shipping on every order, and discounts that increase with the more you buy.

You Have Complete Flexibility and Control

In addition to providing superior value, our subscription offers you flexibility and control, allowing you to receive our products when and for as long as you need them. For example, once you sign up for your account, you’ll be able to:

  • Cancel anytime: Though we’re confident you’ll love having your disposable underwear dropped off at your doorstep whenever you want them, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. That’s because you aren’t locked into a contract or long-term commitment and don’t need a reason to stop your orders.
  • Adjust package quantities: We understand that it isn't always easy to recognize how much you’ll need in any given month, especially when you're first starting. That’s why we make it as easy as possible for you to modify your subscription online. For instance, with the click of a button, order less underwear one month and more the next.
  • Change your order frequency: When you set up your account, you can schedule your delivery frequency and go back and make adjustments when you need to. Then, if you need two orders in one month or want to skip a month, just go into your account and complete the changes you need.
  • Select your delivery location and date: After you’ve enjoyed your first month of service, it will renew automatically. If you run out of underwear sooner than your delivery date or already have pull-ups stocked up for the month, you can go online or call our service representative to switch the frequency.
  • Managing your payments and billing: We will automatically bill your credit or debit card when it's time for your order to ship each month. We'll send out an email notification to make sure you're ready for your shipment. This would give you time to update your billing address, switch your payment method, or get a replacement card if yours was stolen or lost.

Our Bottom Line

We want every one of our customers to be happy. So, if you aren't delighted with your underwear, the value we offer, or your subscription account, please let us know so that we can make it better.

After all, our company is all about meeting you on your terms. That’s because we actually make this underwear; we don't just purchase it for resale. At Made for Living, we’re made for you, helping you live free from shame every day. That’s our forever promise.

Call us today or fill out our online form to get started.

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