Our Subscriptions Are As Flexible as You Need Them to Be

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get high-quality disposable absorbent underwear delivered to your home when you need it? Well, you can with Made for Living’s subscription service. Our service gives you total control over your delivery account, allowing you to set custom delivery frequencies, adjust quantities, and cancel anytime.

Plus, if you are a U.S. resident, you can have your underwear delivered for free. With our flexible subscriptions, you can live your life without worrying about when and where you’ll get your underwear. And once you try our soft and absorbent disposable underwear, you’ll never want store-bought adult diapers again.

delivered parcels on doormat near glass door

Delivered parcels on a doormat near a glass door. Have your absorbent disposable underwear arrive on your doorstep like this when you sign up for our flexible subscription service.

What Are Subscription Plans and How Do They Work?

Subscription business models and services have been around for hundreds of years. For example, for newspapers and book publishers to stay in print and retain a specific profit level, they often rely on subscription plans.

And as most people know, subscription services offer access to products and services for a specific amount of money paid at consistent intervals. For instance, the payment could be paid monthly, quarterly, yearly, or seasonally depending on the company and product.

Subscriptions are typically activated and renewed automatically with a checking account or a pre-authorized credit or debit card.

Subscription Benefits

The advantage of a subscription business model for a company is the recurring revenue and the ability to create and build stronger customer relationships. Because it's challenging to make money from single purchases, many companies need repeat business to profit. Plus, by retaining customers, firms can build their trust and deliver increasing benefits for the long term.

For customers, the advantage of a subscription is a quality product that works, for a great value, and for as long as they need it. That way, they can rest assured they will never have too much or run out.

Our Flexible Subscription Model

Our “set it and forget it” subscription model is easy to set up and a breeze to manage. We offer convenience and flexibility, giving you complete control over your scheduled deliveries, which allows you to:

  • Cancel anytime
  • Adjust quantities
  • Change order frequency
  • Choose a new delivery date
  • Manage your billing and payments

We also offer free shipping and a welcome package with size alternatives, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your body.

Cancel Anytime

We believe that once you experience the convenience of having our super-absorbent disposable underwear delivered to your doorstep, you won’t want to give it up. However, if for any reason you determine our product is not right for you or you want to take a break, you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

This means when you sign up for our subscription service, you aren’t locked into a long-term commitment or a set time frame. If you’re not satisfied, you can stop receiving deliveries and close your account whenever you choose.

Though if our product or service isn’t right for you, we would love to hear about it so that we can improve on it. 

Adjust Quantities

With our subscription, you only pay for the disposable underwear you receive, and you can order as much or as little as you need. However, we know it isn’t always easy to know exactly how much product you’ll be using from one month to the next.

That's why we make it effortless to make changes to the quantity in your subscription anytime and as often as needed. Simply choose a larger or smaller amount, and your order will automatically adjust with your next delivery.

Change Order Frequency

When you set up your subscription, you will have the option to schedule how often you want your deliveries to arrive. Over time, however, you may find that more or less time between shipments would be better to meet your needs.

By updating your subscription frequency, you can easily make these adjustments to ensure you’re getting the product you need right when you need it. You can even opt to skip a delivery if you are already stocked up or will be away on vacation.

Choose a New Delivery Date or Location

As your subscription cycles through its first month, it automatically renews on the one-month anniversary of your initial purchase. If you need your underwear sooner or later than the date you’ve chosen, you can call our service representative or go online to select a new date.

Additionally, if you plan to spend an extended period of time at another address, you can easily have your disposable underwear order shipped to that address. That way, you'll be comfortable and dry wherever you are.

Manage Billing and Payments

We will automatically charge your debit or credit card for each recurring order when it comes time to ship. To ensure that you are prepared for this charge to your account, we will send an email notification as a reminder so that you have time to make changes or corrections as needed.

For example, you may need to update your payment information if you:

  • Get a replacement card and need to provide your new expiration date
  • Want to switch to a different payment method
  • Move and need to update your billing address

A Flexible Subscription Created Around You


At Made for Living, we’re all about helping you live your life on your terms. That’s why our subscription service is as flexible as you need it to be.

Whether you need our products for a short or long while, we pledge to deliver quality products that work at an excellent value. Become enrolled today by entering your information into our subscription form or calling our friendly customer service representatives.

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