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Adult diapers (more appropriately called disposable absorbent underwear) were created to bring freedom, comfort, and dignity to individuals living with incontinence. Yet, like any clothing item, understanding how to select the correct size is crucial for your security and ensuring product effectiveness.

For instance, matching Made for Living’s premium disposable underwear to your body shape can help you avoid inflammation, leaks, and overall discomfort. In addition, our pull-up sizes are available in small/medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large sizes which means we can help you find a fit that's perfect for you and your lifestyle.


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A senior man running in a park while listening to music. Disposable absorbent underwear (sometimes called adult diapers) feel and work better when you find the perfect fit.

Choosing Incontinence Protection for Different Body Sizes

Nobody enjoys the feeling of something not fitting the way it's supposed to. This is especially true for absorbent undergarments like protective underwear. However, because product styles fit everyone differently, choosing the perfect fit by your weight alone can cause problems.

If you only measure one part of your body, you could wind up selecting the wrong sized pull-on underwear. For instance, some individuals have bellies that are larger than their waist or hip sizes. 

Or, if your thighs are on the thinner side, you need to be sure your underwear also has leak protection gathers for added security. Using our measuring guide will help you take measurements for the correct fit.

Does Bigger Mean Better When It Comes to Adult Underwear?

Many people think wearing larger disposable absorbent underwear can protect them more than smaller adult diapers. After all, if they're bigger, they must have more absorbent fabric than smaller-sized products, right?

The truth is, just because they’re bigger doesn’t mean they contain more. In fact, wearing an underwear size larger than needed can increase leakage risk by causing gaps when you sit or bend over.

Regardless of their size, every pair of adult pull-up pants is designed to soak up and retain the same liquid amount. For example, high-quality, ultimate-absorbency adult incontinence underwear can easily take in nearly 50 fluid ounces while keeping you comfortable, dry, and odor-free by wicking it away from your skin.

The Key to a Leak-Proof Disposable Underwear Is a Proper Fit

A disposable absorbent underwear’s fit is as important as choosing the product. That’s because liquid will always escape through the path of least resistance. Pull-ups that are too small or too large not only intensify leakage risk but increase the chance of a rash or dermal breakdown and can interfere with proper skincare

Your pants should have a snug fit that’s not too tight or too loose. If it’s too big for your body, urine can leak out through a gap between your legs and the pant openings before it’s absorbed. Premium incontinence products pay close attention to the leg openings and ensure there are enough folds to catch liquid before it can escape. 

The elastic on your underwear’s leg holes should make smooth contact with the skin around each of your legs. If the opening is not overly tight or too loose, you can typically count on leak-free, comfortable security all day long.

Avoid Doubling Up

When managing your incontinence, doubling up on products for extra protection is not the best solution. However, using a pad by itself will often work well for light, or what’s called "stress," incontinence.

That's because pads are created with waterproof backing and an adhesive strip to attach to your underwear. This prevents them from sliding. 

However, if you’re already wearing pull-up style disposable underwear and add a pad, this backing can lead to situations where they leak more often.

Signs Your Disposable Underwear Are Not Fitting Correctly

Indications your disposable absorbent underwear (or adult diapers with tabs) are not appropriately sized for your body:

  • You notice gaps around your legs or they are excessively loose while lying down. Choose another product size. 
  • If the sides split on your underwear, choose a larger size. Or, if you wear adult diaper briefs, experiment with loosening the side tabs for added comfort.
  • If there is room in the waist or it sags, try the next size smaller.
  • Check your leg, waist, and hips; if movements are restricted when you stand, you likely need different-sized underwear. Your product should fit against your body snugly without being uncomfortable. If you make frequent changes, you may need to try our Ultimate Absorbency disposable underwear.

How to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Incontinence Product

You should note that not all sizing charts are the same and can vary based on the adult diaper or disposable absorbent underwear brand. Yet, many companies use sizing charts to determine the proper size using your height and weight.

If you are looking for your exact size, follow these measuring tips:

  • For a person lying down or sitting: Put the tape measure from hip bone to hip bone, multiply by two, and add another two inches for the measurement. For instance, if you measured 16 inches across, you would have a 34-inch waist (16”x 2 = 32” + 2” = 34”).
  • For a person standing: Use your measuring tape to calculate your waist or hip measurement, whichever is most prominent. Place the measuring tape firmly, but not tightly, around the widest area.

Consider How the Underwear Fits You

Once it’s fitted on your body, answer the following questions to determine if it's the correct size for you:

  • Is the absorbent underwear shifting or bunching up?
  • Are they too loose or too tight?
  • Are there gaps on each side? If so, how much?
  • How well do they fit around your legs?
  • Do they fit like regular underwear?

Remember that a proper fit is vital to get the most out of your premium pull-ups, for urine containment, and to continue living your life to the fullest.

Made for Living’s Disposable Absorbent Underwear Are Designed to Fit You Perfectly

We offer a soft, simple, body-friendly design that, when fitted properly, provides exceptional protection security day or night. Plus, all our products are free of latex, synthetic fragrances, chlorine, and irritating chemicals.

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