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Whether we’re tall, short, thin, or fat, we all run into trouble when it comes to our clothes fitting properly. The same goes for the disposable absorbent underwear that you wear. It can be challenging to find a pair that doesn’t split, leak, or gap when you move around.

The key to a great fit is the material that goes into it. Made for Living Ultimate and Maximum disposable absorbent underwear are designed to conform to your body no matter the type you have. To see for yourself, call us or order our welcome package online today.

senior friends walking in countryside

Senior friends walking in the countryside. Like this group of friends, bodies  come in many shapes and sizes. Our underwear material allows it to conform to your body no matter its shape.

Our Elastics Ensure Your Pull-Ups Stay in Place

Our underwear layers are designed with flexible materials and are covered in the most clothlike, breathable, and softest fabric. This helps make our disposable absorbent underwear gentle on your skin.

To make our disposable absorbent underwear fit as many body types as possible, we’ve designed it with 120 micro-strands of spandex woven into each pair. The elastic is sewn into the material in a soft wave shape throughout the waistband and around the legs.

The Lycra elastic we use makes the four sizes we offer, small, medium, large, and extra-large, conform to a wide range of bodies and shapes. This allows you to find the pair that fits your body type the best.

Because Bodies Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Our disposable absorbent underwear was designed for all body types to live in, work in, play in, and sleep in. To function properly and fit comfortably on as many body shapes as possible, our designers have tested and tailored the underwear on live users in real settings over many years.

While no underwear is completely fail-proof (body types are just too diverse), we believe ours come close. We’ve designed them to overcome many of the following body-type challenges you may face when shopping for pull-up pants.

The Rounded (or Apple) Body Type

If you have a rounded body type, you likely have an abdomen larger than your hips. Although more common in men, women can also have an “apple” shaped body. With this body type, you may feel like your underwear is constantly falling.

Without wider hips and curves to hold it up, your underwear will tend to bunch up or slip off your waist.

In these circumstances, our disposable absorbent underwear with its ample waist elastic will sit flat against your waist. On the other hand, cheaper disposable underwear or adult diapers with lighter elastic at the top will stretch and start to roll after pulling them up and down for bathroom breaks.

Our underwear’s form-fitting chassis and spandex waistband will help you feel more structured, contained, and confident all day long.

The Rectangle Body Type

Your rectangle body type has relatively consistent dimensions through the waist, hips, and buttocks, forming straight lines with minimal curves. Many rectangle-shaped people have an easier time fitting into their underwear with elastic staying in place at the waist and at the thighs.

However, they may run into issues along the sides, with gapping and bunching due to excess material. Our underwear stretches where you need it and was designed to be used and fit like regular underwear. In addition, our Maximum pull-up style pants offer less material for an improved fit beneath clothes and to reduce bulking or gapping issues.

The Hourglass Body Type

If you have an hourglass body type, you are likely smaller in the waist and broader in the hips and buttocks. This shape gives you less trouble with sagging because your hips help to hold them up at the waist.

However, you may also have a larger bottom, leading to a lack of coverage and causing your underwear to ride up.

This could leave you with inadequate protection where you need it and leakage around the thighs. Disposable absorbent underwear like ours provides more structure and stronger material. Plus, the sturdy yet soft elastic waistband will help anchor your pants over your hips, and reinforced guards around the legs will help prevent leaks.

The Triangle (or Pear) Body Type

Similar to an hourglass shape, a triangle-shaped body is slimmer in the waist, wider at the hips, and rounder on the bottom. Unfortunately, this body type can also create issues with full coverage, riding up, and leaks.

The suggestions for the hourglass body type should also work for this kind of shape. However, if you find your underwear is still not providing adequate coverage or feels too tight along the side panels or waste, try the next size up. You may find the extra material helps the underwear conform to your body without pulling or pinching.

The Inverted Triangle Body Type

An inverted triangle body shape is the opposite of the triangle: broader on top while tapering narrower in the hips and buttocks. Similar to the rectangle, you may find that some underwear bunches up and gaps because of excess material in some areas.

You may also have thinner thighs which can cause a snug fit in the waistband but a baggier fit in the leg cuffs. We designed our disposable absorbent underwear with leak guards, and plenty of spandex woven into the leg gathers to catch anything the absorbent core may miss.

The resilience and flexibility of our underwear allow it to hug your curves and follow the unique lines of your body for a perfect fit. If you have an inverted triangle body type, you can also try a size smaller than you think you need to minimize gapping at the thighs and buttocks.

Our Disposable Underwear Is Made for Your Unique Body Type

Whether you have a large waist or a small rear, our disposable absorbent underwear was designed to stay in place even on your most active days. And selecting the correct size not only feels better but helps your underwear trap leaks and retain odor.

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