What can I wear over Absorbent Underwear?

If you were diagnosed or live with incontinence, you might be thinking about adapting your lifestyle to using continence care products like disposable absorbent underwear. At the forefront of your thoughts may be how diapers fit beneath your clothing.

Will other people hear them? Will they be visibly bulky? Will they sag once they're full? Don’t worry; at Made for Living, we have tips on what to wear over your incontinence products. And with a few wardrobe adjustments and choosing suitable disposable underwear, you’ll be thinking less about your incontinence and more about living your best life.

mature couple having fun on pink and white bike

A mature couple having fun on a pink and white bike. Consider wearing clothes that are loose-fitting over your incontinence diapers.

Adjust Your Clothing to Maintain Incontinence Privacy

Choosing the correct clothing is a large part of keeping your incontinence challenges private. Fortunately, adjustments to your daily wardrobe will likely be nominal.

Clothing to Wear

To ensure your clothing is loose enough to wear over your incontinence underwear, choose clothing that doesn’t sag and consider going up a size. That way, you’ll be able to wear adult diapers under:

  • Most dresses
  • Skirts made of thicker material
  • Loose-fitting jeans (jeans can also muffle any sounds that other people may associate with disposable briefs; though, you can also choose products made with cloth-like materials such as those by Made for Living)
  • Pants with extra room in the crotch
  • Sweatpants
  • Tights can also prevent sagging (wearing a long shirt or sweater can provide extra coverage)

Clothing to Avoid

Conversely, to keep your incontinence diaper discreet, avoid wearing the following:

  • Leggings
  • Skinny jeans or pairs that tightly hug your waist
  • Light-colored, tight-fitting pants
  • Clingy skirts

Select Incontinence Underwear That Fits Comfortably

We believe comfort and fit go hand in hand with dependability. If your underwear leaks, it likely isn't because it can't absorb enough but because the fit isn't suitable for your body.

We rely on elastics to make our product fit comfortably beneath your clothes. Specifically, an elastic polyurethane fabric or fiber known as Lycra (or spandex), often used in close-fitting sports clothing.

We weave 120 micro strands of Lycra throughout your underwear, specifically around the waist and legs, to help it conform to your body.

Available in Multiple Sizes

To wear your diapers discreetly under your clothes, you'll need a product that matches your incontinence level as well as fits correctly. Our extra absorbent briefs wick moisture away from your body to always keep your skin dry and healthy.

In addition, we offer four sizes, from small to XXL, so that you can truly find the one that fits your body and can be worn beneath most of your favorite outfits. Therefore, you can feel confident knowing that our products are engineered to balance the utmost discretion with maximum absorbency.

Made From Premium Materials

 Each of our underwear layers is constructed of flexible fabrics covered with a clothlike layer that’s breathable, soft, and fits discreetly beneath your clothes.

Plus, our incontinence briefs have an anatomically shaped core that provides a streamlined, secure fit that disappears under everything from your softest jammies to your favorite jeans.

With more than two decades of manufacturing experience and continually improving our adult incontinence underwear, you can trust our products to fit easily under your clothes without bulging.

Our Absorbent Underwear Allows You to Wear What You Want

 We all have different shapes, clothes, and things we like to do. This is why we’ve tested, streamlined, and adjusted our diaper designs with thousands of users over the years to make sure we leave in everything you need and nothing that you don't.

For example, Made for Living diapers are made:

  • With odor control technology
  • Free from latex, dyes, or chlorine
  • In a facility where we self-recycle 100% of our production waste

To learn more about our premium disposable absorbent underwear, visit our products page or contact us today.

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