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Underwear made for living

Designed for real bodies

Incontinence doesn't care if you're tall, small, thick or thin. Luckily, our disposable absorbent underwear is made to conform to all shapes and sizes and give you protection you can trust (99% of the time).

Unstoppable protection, AM to PM

Don't let incontinence put your life on hold. Our high-capacity core and dry top sheet will help you feel clean and comfortable from morning, afternoon and night.

Shame-free realness

Anyone can experience incontinence. And it's not something you choose. But good news is, you're far from being alone. We've been there and we're here to help.

We've got you covered

Made for protection

You don't have time to wonder whether you're well-protected. Our super-absorbent underwear lets you tackle the day and take on the night, without a second thought.

Made for comfort

Our disposable underwear is designed for comfort and discretion, and it's all about fit. No matter what shape your shape is in, you'll love how these look and feel.

Made for whenever

Daytime, nighttime-wherever you're spending time, we're there. With products that let you forget about them, and focus on the people and places you love.

Costumer testimonials

I really like how the CEO of the company enclosed a letter.Never had that before.I know they are preprinted but that extra touch.Will make me come back and buy more.Plus the sizes help.Especially for my disabled veteran brother Thank you,Sue Martinez

Susan M.

I like the way it contours to my body shape and fits well. I like the way it looks and feels as well as the large absorbency area.

Olivia J.

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